I Was A Shocked!!!!!!!!!! when i heard Em was Doing a Song with Ye, WAYNE, and DRAKE.

These are the Dudes 50 wants u not to Like and DRAKE is just guilty by Association, but these are his Direct Competition and his RIGHT HAND MAN who is arguably the Biggest Artist of the Decade goes and Does a Song With them!!!!?? .....like WTF!!!...SMFH

This is a COmplete Slap in the FAce to 50 IMO and i Wouldnt be Surprise to HEAR EMINEM in 50s NExt Diss RECORD and Deservingly So

Im A big EMINEM FAN and 50 fan But i hold my ALLEGIANCE to 50 Which MEANS if he Goes AGAINST EM then F* IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hes not colalbing with wayne idiot
its just somethnig he said yeah to as its a soundtrack from a movie
i doubt there even met,just did a verse and sent it off etc
How do u Call An ORIGINAL Song not a Bunch of Lost Verses from each Artist put to together by some DJ not a Collaboration? LMAOOO

This Record is a Song for Lebron JAmes Documentary Which means Each artist was Contacted for it and gave it the OK! Just because they weren't in the Studio all at the Same Time doesnt mean it wasnt A collective Effort
Lmao... Ya'll retards still dont know the difference between BEEF and a .. lets say... RAP BATTLE

50 cent vs MURDER INC = BEEF = serious

50 Cent vs Fat Joe = Beef

50 vs Wayne = Battle ... Wayne chickend out allready... so 50 has no reason to feel bad about Em collaborating with Drake on a song wich happens to have Wayne on it ... its not like Eminem is jumping on one of Waynes singles to help him sell records

50 Cent vs Kanye West = battle... cant even call it a battle cuz Kanye never said s***

50 never said nothing about Drake....

And please... Eminem isnt f***** working for 50 ... so 50 can tell him what to do.
Em's the boss ... he makes the moves

Ya'll said that s*** .. like ... .... if 50 wanted to make peace with Camron ... Yayo would write a diss record dissing 50... lmao.... please ... ya'll dumb
lol... nice response
You Started off Good But FAILED MISERABLY at the End

No One Ever Said 50 had Real beef with Wayne or Ye even though SPider loc and 40 GlocC had Waynes Car Surrounded in LA... Nevermind

the Point is that Ye and Wayne are 50s competition and they are Making the kind of Music that 50 Despises and Em decided to feature on a record with them appearing on it

The Yayo and CAm comparison had no basis or relevance since 50 isnt doing a record with Cam and even if so this doenst Effect YAyo in ANYWAY

Em doing a RECord with 50s competition has the potential to have negative consequences for 50

For 1 people will be smurking at the fact that 50s right HAnd is cosigning artist he doesnt like

As for Em being the Boss its more of Joint Venture between the 3 so 50s his Own Boss
I would respond but Top 10 DOA spoke to all yo concerns already. You should read it over. BUT...

You do have a point about "50's compettion." If 50 did a song with say... Fabolous (for conversations sake) and him and Yay had minor issues, I could see the conflict. On some levels they could be competition. And if Fif did a feature, I could see that. You got a point there

I jus read wats his name reply again.... Wayne did chicken out. So if Fab chickened out and said "I dont want no beef wit Yayo.".. Yayo probbly wouldnt have such a hissy fit.

I dnt think so
What I meant is that Em makes his OWN moves.. 50 cant tell him dont do that ...

And again ... Its not m*********** Wayne's record ... its Drake's record for f**** sake
Your right After November its all OvER for that SHADY/AfterMAth Deal and i Highly DOUBT 50 resigns
lmao.... YA'LL F***** RETARDED ? YA'LL TALKIN LIKE EM IS RIDING WITH WAYNE NOW.... Just because Em sent a verse to Drake .. .and Wayne happen to jump on the same song ... they never even f***** met
co sign
rofl? eminem would rap circles around 50 + 50 would never attack him hes the one that gave 50 his career.


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