Magna Carta Holy Grail Sucks And Everybody Knows It...

The other day I went online to read up on some reviews to see if I was trippin or not. I listened to it the day it came out - the whole album all the way through and was not impressed AT ALL! The way the damn commercial made it seem, and Knowin Jay-Z's catalog I was expectin ol'school classic HIP HOP s***, but what Jay-Z served was an album full of b******* that soundin like a man tryin to be one of these little boys just comin up in the rap s***. No song structure, or content worth the $5.00 Samsung spent on it, not even the free download. I would be hella upset if I was one of the HALF a million people that waited for the app to get the album. (By the way that whole app deal was just a mass data collection exercise that was disguised as an app that'll unlock an album lol)

I ended up listenin to the album when somebody found a way to post it on here, I was bored and I thought, "why not? it's here ain't nothing else poppin on this site right now..." total waste of time that i'll never get back lol... just to be sure I was gonna go back and listen again (when I was bored, of course) but it was removed the next day. since then I've witnessed people on this site gas it up cuz Jigga sold 1Mill before it was released and got a plaque and yadda yadda yadda. but what about the music? the deal was genius and I understand why Jigga did it. there wasn't not one damn single type record on the album and if that's all Jay can come up with since the 4 years after BLUEPRINT 3 than he would need somebody (Samsung)to buy a s*** load of albums before it was released to make it seem like the music was good enough for them to spend all that dough on an album that WE THE PEOPLE haven't heard yet. see this time around he couldn't just put out the album like Kanye and just go the usual route and buy the albums himself before the first week numbers come in. that'da been too obvious 1mill people wouldn't have thought the album was that good to go buy it in a week. so the plan is get some one else to buy hella copies, and just give them away for free. hold on there's more than 1million people anywhere how do we decide which million to give it to? oh I know lot's create an app and we'll say the first million to download the app get it. and in the process we'll collect everybody's data that downloads the app... GENIUS








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Ya everybody's review on this is average... but you knew it was wack before you even heard it so nobody on here cares about what you think about anything music related especially since you like Im On It.

lol... i'm on it is better than this whole f***** album!

I did say I like I'M ON IT... but I never tried to make it out to be 100% pure greatness. I just said it was my s*** and I don't see why people on here talk about it so bad. but if I was a young dumb a** kid that couldn't understand what the n**** 50 was talkin about i'd probably say the same dumb s*** you be sayin about the song.

Everybody know dat s*** suck

If old Jay-Z fans like it, that's their business really. BISD for example wasn't a really good album, but I liked it cause I generally like 50's music. IMO there are good beats on MCHG with mostly weak lyrics and delivery, tho, but you see I'm not a Jay fan, never was. I was disappointed in the topics he chose to talk about, because Jay-Z is supposed to be a "grown man" now, but hey if this works for Jay fans, let it be...

The only thing I don't like is the new bandwagon fans, who are nothing but the "fans of numbers" actually. Anytime an album does good sales wise, they hop on the bandwagon.

weak lyrics?! Dude have you decoded the lyrics on "Rap genius"? It's pure genius. Please do yourself a favor, because it seems that the lyrics flew over your head.

Will listen to it again.

F*** the fame, keep cheating on me, what I do, I took her back
Fool me twice, that's my bad, I can't even blame her for that
Enough to make me wanna murder, momma please just get my bail
I know nobody to blame, Kurt Cobain, I did it to myself

these lines most of have gone over your head t.t.s.

Rakim's worst sh*t is more lyrical than that, or even most of Jay Z's old stuff. Or maybe I expect too much from him.

true about rakim ish

@ tts fucc dees hoes ridin jigga dicc,dey trynna brainwash u into liking it. Just say fucc jigga

I thought it was decent. By far not Jay's best work, but it wasn't as bad as BISD, for example

easily his worst album lyrically


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