What is your name and what city do you rep?

My name is Gentry Fox and I represent the city & small town of Rock Springs, Wyoming.

What is unique about you and your music?

Objectively itʼs hard to say. I would like to think itʼs because I can actually rap without mumbling or using auto tune but thatʼs not a very respectable answer. I
make conscious hip-hop with substance but I also like to rap circles around people and bar out sometimes.

Really I think I manage to offer a unique and untold perspective of misguided youth in the midwest. This tends to resonate with certain people, especially those from Wyoming. I like to think living in the middle of the United States gives me the ability to grab influence from the east, west, south, and north in a way that maybe other artists canʼt. Iʼve also been told that I make pretty dope beats too.

What shaped your music?

My love for all four elements of hip-hop and my long time passion for making beats and songwriting. My style is probably a combination of the top 100 artists I grew up listening to (Eminem, Atmosphere, 2Pac, Gang Starr, Eyedea, Wu-Tang Clan, Beastie Boys, etc.)

Iʼve been collecting music and tape trading since I was a child in the lat It wasnʼt until I started producing beats full-time after being laid off from my day job in 2012 did I really start to consider making albums for a living. I hadnʼt been making a lot of beats in the few years prior to that so it felt really nice to have a fresh self made collection of material to write to.

I also came into contact with a bunch of local musicians after moving to SLC, Utah and this opened me up to the actual opportunity of performing at one of the monthly events that were being thrown. There was always an open mic cypher at each event and it was here where I rocked the mic for an actual audience for the first time, I remember it as being one of the best feelings in the world. I would like to say it was at that moment that I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life and iʼve been chasing that high ever since.

What type of music do you listen to?

Strictly hip-hop for the most part, been that way since I was 8. I will admit that being a producer has expanded my horizon over the years but if iʼm listening to anything other then rap then chances are iʼm just digging for samples or
reminiscing on the small selection of music I enjoy outside the genre. The music I bump on a regular basis is compiled of the same music playlist iʼve been adding to since my youth. 90ʼs & early 2000ʼs underground mostly. I listen to a few new
artists too but theyʼre few and far between. Anything I listen to outside of hip-hop is usually nothing more then a guilty pleasure.

Who, to you, is the most undervalued music artist?

Tough question, there are definitely way too many. I donʼt know how I could choose just one, so iʼll do it this way. With bias? Burnell Washburn, Sickamore Treezy, & T00M3R. Without bias? Pat Maine, Dumb Luck, & 2Kolderz. Answers
subject to change daily.

How do you prepare for your performances?

Overthinking, chain smoking cigarettes, and pacing around the venue like a madman. I take my performances pretty seriously so I tend to psyche myself out in the hours leading up to showtime. In my mind, If I forget a verse and have to resort
to free styling then I just f***** up the entire set and ruined everything. Obviously most people never even notice this when it occurs but it tends to happen to me at least once a show, itʼs irrationally frustrating.

If I can remember all my lyrics and deliver them correctly then I usually leave the venue feeling pretty satisfied. I probably would be a lot more relaxed if I rapped over my vocal tracks like a lot of rappers now days but I feel that defeats the purpose. You are guaranteed to see me give my 110% at every show whether itʼs in front of 500 people or 5 people. Performing is funny sometimes, iʼve had times where I thought I bombed but got great response then times where I thought I killed but got cold shoulders. Iʼve learned to just do my best to have fun and enjoy the moment. Rehearsing helps too.

What ignites your (song) writing flow?

I really wish I knew, iʼd have released a dozen albums by now. Iʼm an automatic writer but it only comes when I least expect it. The harder I try, the harder ignition becomes. Iʼm a freak like that. Iʼve found the best way is to constantly create new beats because I feel this is where a lot of my inspiration comes from. If I make a dope beat and write to it right away then its usually pretty seamless as opposed to
if I spend too long working on one project over a long period of time, sometimes its the opposite too. I definitely have a lot to figure out in regards to my process but iʼm making progress everyday.

What do you do when you donʼt do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?

I really enjoy acting and directing and iʼve been making my own short films long before I ever started making music. Although iʼve taken a few years off from filmmaking, I really hope to pursue more of this in the years to come. I also enjoy creating artwork whether that be digitally or by freehand, I make most of my income through graphic design surprisingly. I also like to dabble in photography. When I
am not doing any of that, you can find me handing out Lʼs on Xbox Live (my GT is BEZERKE, add me).

Success to you is…


What do you wish you were told when you first started rapping that you think would help artists starting out?

Besides cliche advice like believe in yourself and never give up, I encourage artists to put extra effort into marketing their brand and identity (logos, merch, etc.) I would also recommend straying far away from perfectionism, this is what kept me from putting out music in my early years and I really wish I had so people would have been able to see my growth between then and now. I would also recommend not rapping over your vocal tracks during live performances, it sounds like trash.

Any upcoming projects?

I am currently finishing up the long awaited sequel to my 2014 debut with ‘RARE DEMO S*** (vol.2)ʼ due out sometime Spring 2018. You can find the first 3 singles on Spotify, iTunes, & all popular digital streaming platforms. I am also working on three mixtapes titled ‘Project Alphaʼ, ‘Project Deltaʼ, and ‘Project Infiniteʼ all of which are still TBA. Additionally I am also working on my first two full-length
feature album ‘Forever Westʼ and ‘The Inversion LPʼ due out in 2020. I may release an EP or two in between that time frame as well. Expect a ton of new music videos also!

Where do we find you music / music project?

You can follow me on the web via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Snapchat @gentryfox or visit my official website at https://www.gentryfox.com. You can also
find all of my current and upcoming music on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, & more. For questions, booking, press, etc. contact me at gentryfox@subrokrecords.com.

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