Jive Mini Pods Buying Guide - Is the Hype Real? A Sound, Microphone and Battery Life Analysis






Jive Mini Pods Buying Guide - Is it Scam or Legit?

Jive Mini Pods erupted on the scene in a burst of sound and fury. Some hailed it as the second coming of the Air Pods. Others have denounced them as a classic bait and switch scam operation. Online research is still unclear. Many websites claim it is worth it and many claim it is a scam. We wanted to find out ourselves and so we decided to buy them and give an in-depth review.

Who should you believe?

Our editors unboxed some fresh Jives and put them to the test in a head to head showdown with the Air Pods. We conducted a thorough test of the following categories:

  • Sound Quality
  • Microphone Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Touch Features
  • Bass
  • Comfort
  • Connectivity

The results were less than surprising. One is the world's most popular brand and the other is a cheaply made rip off. It is easy to understand which is better. The real question is this:

Do the Jive Mini Pods provide enough value for the budget-wary consumer to purchase? 

For this answer you'll have to read on...

Air Pods vs Jive Mini Pods: Head to Head

Sound Quality


Duh. Of course the pioneer of bluetooth ear buds is the winner. But how bad are the Jive Minis? Well, not that bad actually. Yes, they are tinny. Yes, the bass is flat. Despite this there are some redeeming qualities that they possess, namely a rich treble. Listening to country music and acoustic songs actually worked pretty well with the Jive Minis. Hip-hop, not so much. 

Does it justify the price tag though?

If you want to spend less than $40 on bluetooth ear buds you could do much worse than the Jive Minis.

Microphone Quality


We attempted three calls with each pair of buds. One inside, one in the car, and one in windy conditions. In each situation the Jive Mini fared poorly, especially with the wind. We really couldn't have a conversation with the other person. Obviously the Air Pods are head and shoulders better in this department. Still, we were disappointed that the Jives didn't even show up to bat at all.

Those who spend lots of time talking through their ear buds will be better served looking past the Jive Minis, as these are purely music-listening devices.

Battery Life



Jive Mini Pods promote an ear bud that lasts up to 30 hours (see above). Initially we were skeptical, but this is actually a true claim. Battery life was one area that the Minis truly excelled in, clocking in at 32 hours in our test. It actually came close to the 40 hour time posted by the Air Pods. 

Chalk this up as a win for the Jive Mini Pods even though they didn't quite dethrone the Air Pods.

Touch Features


Everyone is familiar with the Air Pod's specs. The Jive Mini Pods are much harder to find. Fortunately we tested out every touch feature available to the Minis with the unsurprising conclusion that they do not work nearly as well as their counterpart. There is a noticeable lag and it is easy to select the wrong function. Our frustration was triggered multiple times, so if you're using these functions alot keep this in mind.



This is one department that many Apple users complain about; the deep bass that can bump without rattling your ears too much. Most bluetooth headsets still have a ways to go. Jive Minis are no different. 50 Cent would not be "Window Shopping" these anytime soon. Like I said before: the Jive Minis are more suited for acoustic jams and pop music. Bass heavy songs do not translate well.



Surprise! Surprise! You thought that Apple would cleanly sweep the newbie right? Well, this is one that shocked us too. Our testers took turns wearing the pods until they became uncomfortable. Yes, it's a subjective experiment; but it was one that the Jive Minis won in a barn-burner. Collectively, the Jive Minis were comfortable in-ear for 15 hours at a time and the Air Pods were comfortable for 13 hours. The designs are both similar, but a rounder outlet is what may give the Minis the edge here.



We thought that android users might benefit a little more from the Jive Minis, but that proved to be a false assumption. The Apple Air Pods connected more quickly on both Apple and Android devices. Apple users benefit from a plethora of exclusive options which make the Air Pods a much more glamorous choice. Jive Minis will still work, but it sometimes took 15 seconds or more before our bluetooth recognized the device. 


Overall Winner: Apple Air Pods




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